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Company Profile

Aamorb Pharmaceuticals is a leading edge national pharmaceutical company, which with it’s futuristic approach develops & markets innovative drugs for unmet medical needs with a focus on the segments like Alimentary, Musculoskeletal, Endocrine, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Central nervous system, Respiratory & Allergy, Skin, Nutrition & Metabolism in Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Ointments, Injections & Soft gelatin capsules in different divisions.

We take pride in our understanding of the regulatory complexities, our stringent quality assurance, our adherence to international standards and our integrated service offering. This makes us the perfect partner for pharmaceutical companies looking to establish, maintain or expand their business presence.

In the year 1995 through the vision and concept of two young entrepreneur’s effort St. Morison Pharmaceuticals came into existence. In a very short span due to its quality services, it was necessitated into founding a new organization Aamorb Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. which brought along with it the already booming successful St. Morison with other different divisions foraying into various sectors of Pharma field.